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Saturday, July 09, 2005


School Children participate in a protest march against the recent spate of terrorist bombing in London in New Delhi.

From kaumudi


Remember the 200 years of colonial rule? It was a blast !!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Church wants government money

From KeralaNext
Certain sections of the Church were criticising the UDF Government because they could not obtain the benefits they expected, said UDF convener P P Thankachan.

Thankachan was replying to a query on the Latin Catholic Church’s open criticism of the UDF, at a news conference here.

The Church’s objection was not political, but an attempt to get the government’s attention when it did not get the expected benefits. However, this does mean that the Church endorsed the LDF views.

There were police “excesses” amid attempts to disperse the crowd during the row at the St Mary’s Church in Aluva, but police had been provoked, he said.

It is high time that we amend the constitution and plant a rigid wall between the state and religious institutions. Why should the government be involved in promoting any religion? I never hear about government giving money to atheists and agnostics.

Webcam at CM's office

Yeah right, this will bring transparency to the government.

A welcome move.

From Deepika Global
Hitting out against the ''double standards'' of Marxists in Kerala, the Youth Congress today announced to send a panel to West Bengal to study the policies of the ruling CPI(M) in controversial areas.

Addressing a press conference here, Youth Congress State President K P Anilkumar said the panel would study contentious programmes like self-financing and foreign investments. He informed this against the backdrop of the continuing violent strikes by the Marxists in Kerala.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nanny state at its finest

The following article from The Hindu is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with our state and our country.
The Kerala Government has banned fashion shows, cinematic dances and mobile phones with camera facility in educational institutions in the State.

An official press note said here on Saturday that conventional art and cultural programmes could be organised with the approval of the ethics committee of the institutions.

The use of the mobile phone has been banned in schools and higher secondary schools. The teachers have also been disallowed from taking mobile phones to classes. In the institutions of higher education, the mobile phones should be switched off in class rooms and within the campuses.

The babus at Trivandrum seem to be under the impression that the purpose of the government is to pass laws regulating each and every facet of our life. Banning fashion shows in colleges? Are we living in medieval theocracy? These matters should be left to individual schools and colleges Some of them might feel that it is objectionable to have a fashion show at the campus, but some might feel it is perfectly ok. So why should the government stand in the way?

Welcome to the ultimate Kerala blog

I had been thinking of creating a blog on Kerala affairs for quite some time. The focus of this blog would be political, social and economic issues in the state of Kerala. But from time to time I may (or may not) comment on the issues concerning India and rest of the world.

I approach issues with a Progressive Libertarian viewpoint. Progressive libertarians believe in most of the cases people should be allowed to make their own economic and social decisions. But the government must play a proactive role in helping out the disadvantaged sections of the society and providing a level playing field for everybody.

You would be able to read more about all these in my future blog posts.